Our design studio was just awarded by Clutch as a Top B2B Company in Asia!

I am very excited to receive this award from Clutch. Since I started Lytbox (originally JediSites), I had a vision from the very start. To build a business that cares for its clients with a service based core value. And with that being my main focus, I never even thought of winning awards, just being of service and continuously adding more value in what we do so we can give more to our clients and their businesses. Which makes receiving this award a great surprise.

Clutch has been an amazing platform for us and they were awesome enough to write us a blog post. Here it is:

Lytbox designs websites that rejuvenate brands. Our mission is to make the internet a better place by improving website experiences one brand at a time. Our services include web design, UX/UI design, web development, and ongoing website care.

Clutch is a B2B market research firm that connects service providers and buyers through data and verified research. Central to this process is client reviews. In their unique process, analysts have spoken directly with many of our clients and learned more about the services we provided, as well as technological capabilities, results, and business acumen. With 4 reviews and an overall 5.0 rating, we’ve seen strong results from Clutch’s extensive research process. We are thrilled to be ranked highly on Clutch’s list of top e-commerce developers in 2020.

Our clients’ participation made this award possible, and we want to thank them for their time and honest feedback. An excerpt from a recent review, along with a project summary can be found below: “They are very responsive and efficient.” –CEO, LUXE Botanics For LUXE Botanics, we developed an e-commerce website. Our team built the Shopify site and provided UX/UI designs.

“We are honored to be chosen as one of Asia’s leading Web Design firms in 2020. I am grateful for our team and the awesome clients I get to work with every day. 2020 has been a challenging year no doubt. By staying focused on solutions, unity, and service, I believe we can overcome anything together and achieve new heights. Together.” –Jeffrey Dalrymple, Founder

We are grateful for everyone who has contributed to our company’s success. We look forward to growing our platform on Clutch and collecting more reviews.