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Forward Thinking Online Growth with Design, Development & SEO

Who we are

We’re a Bespoke
Design, Development & SEO Agency.

We design & create bespoke WordPress and e-commerce websites for thriving brands. We take our partners from the strategy phase until the finish line of having a sustainable and profitable online presence. We also maintain and help businesses grow with our Maintenance and SEO services.

Our Solutions
& Advantages

We’re not just an agency or a freelancer. But that sweet spot in between.

You are more than a number to us

It’s not about having a large number of clients. It’s about building long-term relationships with a select number of partners. It’s easy to fall in between the cracks in a large agency.

You should never feel limited.

We don’t want you to feel limited or take critical risks by piecing together multiple vendors.

Value without the

You should be paying for the value you receive, and not having to overpay to cover your vendor’s massive overhead.

"Have been working with Lytbox for several years now. Jeffrey set up our first web page and later developed it into a full international quality website. The team is always on top of things and offer great solutions. Highly recommended."

Martin Halpen

What We Do

Our Capabilities.

We love crafting clean, thoughtful, and inspired work focused on the goals and customers of a business. We do this across multiple touch points to help businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their goals, increase their sales & conversions, and build a stronger brand identity.

Shopify Partner
4+ Year Certification
WordPress Expert
Experts & Educators

Website &
UI Design

1. Web + UX/UI design
2. Research + Strategy
3. Landing Page
4. 100% custom


1. WordPress Development
2. High-Performance
3. Easy to manage and Scale
4. Maintenance


1. WooCommerce
2. Shopify
3. Speed Optimization
4. E-commerce Specialist


1. SEO
2. Conversion Optimizations
3. Analytics
4. Site Maintenance

Our Ethics, Values, & Principles.

We love working with Thriving Brands because we feel our values and ethics are in line. We both choose to create a business that helps others. That adds value and impacts another person's life.

And in this time, more than ever, we feel it's time to stand up and to be of service. To put out positivity, empathy, and care. The Lytbox Brand and Culture have a foundation built off of spiritual principles from day one. And now, in these new times, we're even more dedicated to working with positive and ethical partners.

Our Team

Small but mighty.
Quality over quantity.

We find our approach works best for building long-term partnerships with our clients. We only work on one to two projects at a time, and we do not outsource.

We specialize specifically with WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify. More of our core services include UI & Web Design, WordPress Maintenance, SEO and Conversion Rate Optimizations.

Jeffrey Dalrymple - Lytbox's Founder & Creative Director

Jeffrey Dalrymple

Founder & Creative Director

Stefano Monteiro

Lead Developer

Partho Sarkar

Front-End Developer

Are you also mighty and looking to join the Lytbox team?

At Lytbox, the 'Dedication' in our tagline is who we are. If you feel your values are in line with ours and looking to learn, develop skills, and be part of something awesome, reach out, and let's talk.

Giving Back

Designers & Creatives

I'm Jeffrey at Lytbox, and I love teaching design and the business behind it. For the last 5 years, I have been hosting meet-ups & events for WordPress enthusiasts, facilitating online workshops, coaching and mentoring designers and developers, and creating content on YouTube. My goal is to help web designers build sustainable careers in web design.

Teaching at Speaker Events

Guest speaking at WordPress meet-ups & events.

Pre-Covid, I was active in the WordPress community, speaking and hosting WordPress events. I still do them via Zoom, But I can't wait to do live events again!

Teaching in Workshops

Online workshops for website creators.

Our Facebook community was created for web designers to learn & get support in building a sustainable online business. We're now over 6k members strong.

Teaching on YouTube

Creating video

Two things I love to talk about - web design & the business behind it. Web design gave me a life where I wake up every day excited, and that's why I love to give back.

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