This week’s featured design tool is Sketch Cloud. A valuable tool used to share designs with team members and clients.

Every week we feature a design tool we use in our web and UI design process. I am always on the lookout for new tools and hidden gems and decided for 2020, I want to share what I have found.

About Sketch App

So first off, if this is your first time hearing about Sketch, let me give a quick breakdown. Sketch App is a software used for Web and UI design. It is one of the most preferred systems for design and defiantly been the most popular in the last years with designers. And it is a personal favorite of mine (fact – I even have a Sketch tattoo). Learn more about Sketch App here.

What Does Sketch Cloud Do

In short, you can save your Sketch files and documents to the Cloud and keep them in your own workspace. Once your document is saved in your cloud workspace, you can then share them with other team members and clients. You have the option of allowing others to download your document or to be able to view it. There are also comments so you can receive feedback on your designs. This is great for sending designs to clients for review and collecting their feedback.

How To Use Sketch Cloud

From your open file, in the top toolbar, there is a tab for Cloud. If you do not see the cloud tab, you will need to go View > Customize Toolbar and add Cloud to your top toolbar. It is as simple as clicking on the Cloud and selecting to either add a new upload or update a document. What I like is you don’t have to wait while it’s uploading. You can keep on working while the upload is taking place.

How Sketch Cloud Helps Designers

Since I started utilizing Sketch Cloud, I have been able to keep a back up of all my designs in one place. After a couple of years of design creating, I have files all through my Mac. It’s nice to be able to go to one location and find all of my work. I have been able to save libraries in one spot and, at the time, reuse elements from other designs to speed up the workflow.   

It also makes sending designs for review and feedback super easy for myself and our clients. 

Sketch Cloud comes with Sketch App and costs USD 99 every year. You can learn more about Sketch Cloud here.

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