Every week we feature a design tool that we use in our web and UI design process. I am always on the lookout for new tools and hidden gems and decided for 2020, I want to share what I have found.

This week, our featured design tool is Sketch App Resources at https://www.sketchappsources.com.

I found this website over a year ago, and it has been a lifesaver for some of my projects. Especially the ones where I just needed something fast and free. 

First, About Sketch App

Just in case you are checking out this article and haven’t heard of Sketch yet, Sketch is a design toolkit made to create web and UI designs. I am a huge fan of Sketch and use it daily. True fact, I even have a Sketch App tattoo. It’s my favorite. You can learn more about Sketch here.

What is Sketch App Resources?

It’s a website that has an extensive library of Sketch files to download. This includes mockups, UI kits, wireframes, icons, and many more elements. And the downloads are all free! I personally use Sketch App Resources mostly when I need something to help start or add to a project that is free and will help save me time. Not every project has to be built from scratch. For example, if I need to build a quick wireframe, I can download a free wireframe template from the website, and then use it to reshape my own wireframe. Saving me hours of work.

Other Resources in Sketch App Resources

Although the free files for me have been the highlight for this platform, there are other gems on this website that are free and valuable.

Tutorials about Sketch

I have been using Sketch daily for 3+ years now, and there is still so much I can learn. And new features are continually being added. There is a good source here for learning more about Sketch, including all of the keyboard shortcuts.

Sketch Libraries

For the more advanced Sketch users, these libraries can be used to build a faster design system for solo designers and teams to collaborate on.

Sketch App Plugins

Plugins for Sketch have been one of the most significant features for Sketch that sets it apart from other design toolkits. 


If you use Sketch as part of your design process, then Sketch App Resources is your go-to to find what you need to help make your projects go faster. Other platforms such as UI8 offers similar libraries of UI kits, wireframes, and mockups. But they can cost quite a bit. And Sketch App Resources is free, convenient, and most of the time, I can find what I need. And this is why it is featured as this week’s Design Tools Highlight. 

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