It’s that time of year to swoop up the best deals! And I have been keeping my eye out. I wanted to make something simple for everyone.

As an Elementor enthusiast, there are so many options. But which are useful and which will be a waste of hard-earned money? That is why I put together a curated list of the best deals and only the tools I personally use and would recommend to others.

The Must-Haves: Highlight Specials & Deals

Other Deals to Look Out For

Best Time Of The Year For Web Design Tools

#1 Elementor Pro – 25% – Nov.24th – Dec. 2, 2020

This is probably the only time to get Elementor at a discount. It’s no secret, I am a huge fan of El. The top driving tool behind my web design business. Elementor also gives new web designers opportunities to get a quicker start at building a sustainable career in web design.

#2 Mighty Addons for Elementor – 60% Off Including Lifetime Deals Nov 25 – Dec 5

This has to be the best deal this year for any Elementor addon. Since I started using Mighty Addons, I have been very impressed. I see a big future for Mighty Addons, and right now is the time to get a Lifetime Deal.

#3 Fluent CRM – 40% Off

Imagine having MailChimp built right into your WordPress website. Yep, it’s like that. I got Fluent CRM about a month ago. After running email campaigns straight from my website, I have entirely ditched MailChimp. It integrates with Elementor, and the best thing, no more expensive email marketing platforms. Unfortunately, there is no lifetime deal on this, but for 40% off, the value is well worth it. The price of this will go up soon.

#4 Fluent Forms – 40% Off Including Lifetime Deals

Fluent Forms is one of the newest dedicated forms for WordPress. And gaining lots of popularity due to its clean code and performance. And this one is not cheap. Getting a lifetime deal right now makes this a solid investment.

#5 Dynamic Content for Elementor – 30% Off Including Lifetime Deals

Out of all Elementor addons, this is my must-have and go-to. Dynamic Content takes Elementor to the next level, opening up possibilities and the power of Elementor.

#6 Cloudways – 40% Off For 4 Months

This is my go-to for hosting and what we use for all of our client’s projects. I have used several hasting, some good, some fast, and some to be avoided. This, by far, has been the best and why it is the one I use.

#7 Piotnet Addons – Lifetime Deals for Unlimited Sites for $70!

#8 Piotnet Forms – Lifetime Deals for Unlimited Sites for $70!

Both of these deals are insane and an excellent investment. I got Piotnet Addons lifetime deal last year. Deals like this I can’t pass on.

#9 The Plus Addons – 30% Including Lifetime Deals

The Plus is another Elementor addon used in my workflow. There are only a few that I would use for client’s projects. I have tested most and found a few that I stick with. The Plus is one of those. It is an excellent addition for Elementor.

#10 Happy Addons for Elementor – 30% – 50% Off Including Lifetime Deals

For Elementor addons, this has one of the best Lifetime deals out this year for Black Friday. The 50% lifetime deal is something to consider. These guys are new but have came out swinging hard and making an impact on Elementor addons. This deal is from 23 November To 4th December, 2020.

#11 Ultimate Addons for Elementor – 30% – 40% Off Including Lifetime Deals

Another good Lifetime deal. I have been using UAE for a few years now. What I like most about it is how clean and reliable it is. This addon is built by the team from Astra so you know the code is clean.


#12 SEOPress Pro – 30% off Lifetime Deals Nov 25 – Dec 2, 2020

SEOPress is my personal favorite for SEO on all of our WordPress sites. After using Yoast for so many years, once I switched to SEOPress, I was in love! It is priced reasonably and has all the features needed to improve rankings.

#13 WP Rocket – 30% Off

My number 1 choice for speed optimization for all of our Elementor websites. It just works sooooo good.

iThemes Security Pro

#14 iThemes Security Pro – Coming Soon

This will be the 4th year I have gotten this deal. It has done me well and I plan on sticking with it.

#15 WP Engine – 5 Free Months + 35% Off First Payment

This deal is just too good not to put on the list. Even though I use Cloudways for all of our sites now, I can still recommend WP Engine. Especially for those that don’t want to worry about their hosting. It is just a solid host for WordPress websites.

Honorable Mention – The Futur

I am a Chis Do and the Futur student and have been a Futur Pro Group member for a year now. Learning from Chris and being in the Futur group has given me the direction I needed to transform my web design business into a successful one. For a web designer or creative looking to make a serious career in the creative industry, I highly recommend checking out the Futur Pro Group.