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Hepta Plus+

An innovative skincare brand with a focus on the synergy between nature and science.

Project Overview

Hepta Plus+ is a new lifestyle brand launching its product line, starting with its patented skincare catalog. The goal for their project was to create a look and feel for their online presence by identifying their target market and their own brand identity. Ultimately, creating a bespoke eCommerce platform that's optimized for conversions and reflects Hepta's brand identity.

Hepta Plus Thailand

About the Client

Hepta Plus+ is a new brand located in Bangkok, Thailand that has a fantastic product line. They have a clear focus on nature and health along with the effectiveness of science. With CURCUMASync+, their own patented technology, Hepta will be creating an amazing line with expected future growth.

Hepta Plus Logo

The Challenges, Opportunities, & Solutions.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge is Hepta Plus+ is a new brand. When beginning a new brand and online business, many factors are not recognized, such as shipping conditions, logistics, payment gateways, & legal policies. Fortunately, we have helped launch several lifestyles and beauty brands to help guide our clients that are starting new and help walk through the unforeseen process, making going live much faster and smoother.

The Opportunity & Solution

Starting from the beginning is a challenge, but it can also be an opportunity. An opportunity to create right and set up for the future. We achieved this by starting with the brand, messaging, and defining Hepta's target customer, most importantly. This all happened through discovery, strategy, and creating user personas for their ideal customer. We kept the development fast and smooth and added heat maps to test and quickly identify critical areas to focus on to improve user experience and increase sales.

The Creative Process

The Discovery & Strategy

We wanted to identify Hepta's brand, messaging, positioning, and ideal target customer in the first step. In our discovery, we uncovered challenges and pain points and then prescribed solutions. Next, we created user personas for their target customers. That way, we all can keep the focus on who we're designing for and speaking to while creating Hepta's platform.

Finding The Look & Feel.

Nature, Science, and Innovation. These are the three core brand words identified in the discovery. In addition, we chose a palette with an earth tone the highlight the natural elements and allow the customers to feel safe while viewing Hepta's website.

Hepta Brand Guide


We use stylescapes to combine several visual elements for the Hepta team to show what sparks their feelings. Then use this feedback for our designs.

Hepta Stylescape
Hepta Stylescape
Hepta Stylescape
Hepta Stylescape

High-fidelity Design Mockups.

We designed every detail before development. This way, the Hepta team could be involved and ensure their site shaped up just right for both of our visions.

Hepta Mockup Design
Hepta Mockup Design
Hepta Mockup Design
Hepta Mockup Design
Hepta Mockup Design
Hepta Mockup Design
Hepta Mockup Design

WordPress & WooCommerce Development

Once the design is completed, the development did its magic. We developed to keep the site light, fast, and easily updatable. We believe our clients should be able to have freedom on their sites. After the project was completed, we had a few 1 on 1 training sessions, and now the Hepta team has been able to make their own edits and additions to their website. And they're doing a great job at it!

“Good design. Pay attention to details. Willing to help out clients even not directly related to the scope of work. Thanks, Lytbox “

Pattarawan Prasarnphanich - Founder and Director of Hepta Plus+

Thank you for your interest in our project.

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