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Yatra Centre

Asia’s leading trauma care facility, offering evidence-based trauma therapy to clients with a range of mental health concerns.

Project Overview

Nestled in the tranquil heart of Phuket, the Yatra Centre offers a serene sanctuary for healing. They have helped countless with their Signature Trauma Programme. However, their website was poorly designed without any strategic planning. Hence they did not get many conversions, nor could explain their services properly to website visitors. That is where we stepped in and after carefully understanding their challenges, crafted a design strategy and built a WordPress website for their Trauma Centre.

About the Client

Yatra Centre is dedicated to changing lives touched by trauma. Their core values of empathy and resilience shape their unique, healing-centered care. They invite every client into a safe community that nurtures recovery, ensuring they never feel alone.

The Challenges, Opportunities, & Solutions.

The Challenge

Yatra had faced many challenges while working with the last agency. Their website was a poorly designed template, with no strategic thought or design principle. Conversions were extremely low, and their website did not explain their services properly. Not to mention, the overall tone of the site did not portray a better future, which is what Yatra is all about.

The Opportunity & Solution

We sat down with the Founder and Director, Mike, and discussed the challenges and how unprofessionally the previous agency treated their website. Together we put in the time to understand the business and the key principles that need to be communicated via the website. We created a completely redesigned solution for their website, incorporating all the best practices to turn their poorly designed site into a Brand!

The Creative Process

The Discovery & Strategy

We consulted with the Yatra team to understand their mission so we can help them create a brand. Understanding challenges is a crucial part of our process. We focus on creating a strategy to solve problems and add value instead of just focusing on the aesthetics

Finding The Look & Feel.

Once the strategy is ready, we do our research and create a design system that would vividly reflect the brand. We choose brand colors, typography and the design of essential website elements like buttons.


Once we have created a design system and collected all the assets, we create wireframes. Wireframes form the skeleton structure of the site, upon which the final High-Fidelity designs are created.

High-Fidelity Designs

The High-Fidelity designs reflected what the final website would look and feel like. It includes all the colors, typography and graphic assets that was given by the client to be used for the website.

WordPress Development

Once the design is completed, the development did its magic. We developed to keep the site light, fast, and easily updatable. We believe our clients should be able to have freedom on their sites. After the project was completed, we had a few 1 on 1 training sessions, and now the Yatra team has been able to make their own edits and additions to their website. And they're doing a great job at it!

Maintenance Package

Yatra was so happy with our work that they also signed up with our Maintenance plan, where we routinely make updates to the plugins and themes, look for bugs and fix them, and monitor the website for performance and security issues

Review by Mike…

Mike Miller - Founder & Clinical Director at Yatra Centre

Thank you for your interest in our project.

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