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Topgolf Thailand

A Global Brand that is expanding its business in Thailand

Project Overview

Topgolf was expanding their business in Thailand and wanted a website to reflect their brand and create a platform that explains their games, showcases their bars and also makes it easy for people to make bookings. They have a wide range of games, bars, event venues, and even an academy for teaching golf to people of all age groups.

About the Client

Topgolf Megacity is a premier entertainment destination where one can book birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, corporate events, date nights, or just a night out with friends, and everyone will have a great time.

The Challenges, Opportunities, & Solutions.

The Challenge

Topgolf is a Global Brand. Therefore they have a reputation to maintain. That was the biggest challenge: to maintain their reputation while building a website for the Thai audience. We had to make sure the website was easy to navigate but reflected the Global Brand in a way, that is easy to understand. Being able to explain the games, the facilities and services available with an easy way to book them was the biggest objective of all.

The Opportunity & Solution

We had elaborate conversation with the Marketing Director and put in the time to understand the brand. We used the existing global websites as a reference to incorporate the brand in the website. After that we created several wireframes and high-fidelity designs which the client was confident with. After initial development, we also set up heat maps and continued updating the designs in order to improve the user and brand experience.

The Creative Process

The Discovery & Strategy

Our initial step was to deeply understand Topgolf's global brand reputation and how it translates to the Thai audience. This involved engaging in detailed discussions with Topgolf's Marketing Director to grasp the essence of the brand and its global presence. Our discovery process was focused on identifying key elements of Topgolf’s brand, understanding the specific needs and expectations of the Thai market, and pinpointing any potential challenges in merging these aspects seamlessly.

Finding The Look & Feel.

Global Appeal, Local Essence, and Engaging Experience. These were the three pivotal themes identified during our discovery phase for Topgolf Thailand's website. In alignment with these themes, we embarked on a mission to find the perfect balance between the globally recognized look of Topgolf and the unique vibrancy of the Thai culture

Wireframes & UI

After all the brand assets and strategy was ready, we moved on to the next phase which is creating wireframes and the user interface for the website. This phase helped us plan each section of each page of the website so that the user journey is clear. This creates the foundation for the final design of the website

High-fidelity Design Mockups.

After the wireframes were ready, we started creating the high-fidelity design mockups. These mockups represent the final version of the website and has all the assets and designs. During the development phase these designs become the foundation

WordPress Development

We spent the most amount of time in this phase, as it was a global brand. The website needed to load instant even if it was a site, rich with images, text and complex layouts. Our approach with every project is to minimize the use of plugins in order to achieve the highest level of performance and security possible. That is what we did with Topgolf as well. We used custom code where most would use a plugin. This significantly reduced load times.

Maintenance Package + Retainer

Topgolf did not just sign up for a long term Maintenance package but also bought our biggest retainer package after the launch. We worked with them closely, constantly working on the site to make it better and improve the customer experience.

“Good design. Pay attention to details. Willing to help out clients even not directly related to the scope of work. Thanks, Lytbox “

Pattarawan Prasarnphanich - Founder and Director of Hepta Plus+

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