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Nomi Network Shop

A Non-Profit Empowering Women to Overcome Human Trafficking

Project Overview

Nomi Network is a Non-profit and needed a shop to sell products to support their noble cause of empowering women. The site needed to highlight Nomi Network's approach to creating economic opportunities for survivors and those at risk, while emphasizing their global impact, with a platform to sell products made by women.

Nomi Mockup

About the Client

Nomi Network focuses on creating economic stability and safe employment for women and girls vulnerable to exploitation. With a vision where every woman realizes her full potential, the organization combats human trafficking through education, training, and empowerment. Nomi Network is named after a Cambodian girl who embodies resilience and hope, inspiring the fight against human trafficking.

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The Challenges, Opportunities, & Solutions.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to maintain their branding and create a shop that is simple and easy to make purchases on. At the same time, the site had to showcase their work and represent their mission of empowering women

The Opportunity & Solution

We crafted a website with a balanced approach, integrating compelling storytelling with clear calls to action. The design facilitates user engagement, emphasizing the transformative power of Nomi Network's work and how visitors can contribute to the cause. The site is easy to navigate and make purchases.

The Creative Process

The Discovery & Strategy

In the discovery phase, we delved deep into understanding Nomi Network’s unique mission and the stories behind the products they sell. Collaborating closely with the Nomi team, we explored the impact of their work on women’s empowerment and the significance of each product made by these resilient women. Our aim was to translate this understanding into a digital narrative that not only sells products but also shares the powerful stories of transformation and hope.

Finding The Look & Feel.

The design combines a clean, user-friendly shopping interface with elements that reflect hope and resilience. We used colors and imagery that resonate with the brand’s ethos, creating an inviting and informative shopping experience.

Wireframes & UI

We carefully structured the wireframes to make the shopping experience seamless and intuitive. Product pages were designed to provide detailed information about the items and the stories of the women who made them.

High-fidelity Design Mockups for Web & Emails

Our high-fidelity mockups brought the concept to life, showcasing products in a way that emphasizes their quality and the empowerment narrative. We ensured that the design facilitates easy navigation and a smooth checkout process.

Nomi High-fidelity
Nomi High-fidelity
Nomi High-fidelity
Nomi High-fidelity
Nomi High-fidelity
Nomi High-fidelity
Nomi High-fidelity

Shopify Custom Development

We developed a responsive and secure eCommerce website, focusing on a seamless shopping experience and effective product presentation. The site is optimized for performance, with a clear emphasis on showcasing products and facilitating easy purchases.

Nomi Mockup
Nomi shop
nomi product

Maintenance Package + Retainer

Nomi Network chose our maintenance services post-launch to ensure the website remains efficient, secure, and up-to-date. This ongoing support is crucial for continually adapting the site to evolving product lines and campaigns.

“Good design. Pay attention to details. Willing to help out clients even not directly related to the scope of work. Thanks, Lytbox “

Pattarawan Prasarnphanich - Founder and Director of Hepta Plus+

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