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Thailand's leading ecommerce brand that makes products from nature

Project Overview

Our goal was to create a website for Khaokho Talaypu, a brand specializing in herbal shampoos and skincare products. The website needed to showcase their commitment to natural ingredients and effective personal care solutions. The site also aimed to educate consumers about the benefits of natural products in their daily routines.

About the Client

Khaokho Talaypu offers natural personal care products, focusing on herbal ingredients and traditional Thai remedies. They combine powerful natural ingredients to create high-quality, effective personal care products. Their products reflect a deep respect for traditional Thai herbal knowledge and modern skincare needs.

The Challenges, Opportunities, & Solutions.

The Challenge

The challenge was to build a user-friendly website that highlights the natural essence of their products and the effectiveness of their ingredients. We also needed to ensure the site communicates the brand's philosophy of wellness and sustainability.

The Opportunity & Solution

We developed a website with a clean, natural design that makes it easy to learn about their products and ingredients. We focused on showcasing the benefits of ingredients like leech lime, coconut, butterfly pea, aloe vera, and tamarind. The design also included interactive elements to engage visitors in learning about natural care.

The Creative Process

The Discovery & Strategy

Our strategy was to emphasize the natural and effective ingredients used in Khaokho Talaypu’s products. We aimed to create a design that feels fresh, organic, and closely connected to nature. This strategy was intended to resonate with consumers looking for authentic natural personal care products.

Finding The Look & Feel.

We chose a design with earthy tones and clean lines to reflect the natural quality of Khaokho Talaypu's products. The website design visually communicates the brand's commitment to natural ingredients and effective personal care. The design also leverages visual storytelling to illustrate the journey of each ingredient from nature to product.

Wireframes & UI

We designed wireframes to ensure a smooth user journey, making it easy to find information about each product and its natural ingredients. The layout was strategically structured to guide users through the product range with ease and clarity.

High-fidelity Design Mockups.

The final designs incorporate natural colors and imagery, creating a cohesive and inviting online experience that reflects the brand’s identity. These mockups were crafted to provide a preview of how the brand's story and product information would blend seamlessly on the website.

Shopify Custom Development

We developed a responsive and intuitive website, focusing on user experience and brand storytelling. The site is easy to navigate and offers detailed information about each product and its benefits. The development phase also focused on optimizing the site for search engines to enhance online visibility.

Maintenance Package + Retainer

Post-launch, Baan Thai chose to engage with our maintenance and retainer services. We continue to work closely with them, ensuring the website remains up-to-date and continually optimized for user experience and performance.

“Good design. Pay attention to details. Willing to help out clients even not directly related to the scope of work. Thanks, Lytbox “

Pattarawan Prasarnphanich - Founder and Director of Hepta Plus+

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