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After 5 years since Frederica was first launched, it was time for a fresh redesign and new platform. Originally, Frederica’s website was built for blogging and has grown a sizeable based audience. With a growing online store, it was time for a shift from blogging to e-commerce, and to build a new platform optimized for sales while still keeping the blog a priority.

The Challenges That Needed To Be Solved

1. Making the Store Top Priority

Originally, the website was built as a blogging platform with the shop being added later as a secondary priority. With the new design and build, the focus and top priority are on the online shop. Top priority – build a site that would increase sales and conversions.

2. Clean Development

After 5 years and serval developers tinkering around the backend, a WordPress website can get a bit messy. Also, it was at a point where adding new functions and making changes were getting harder and harder. With the rebuild, the goal was to develop a clean and lean WordPress website. We achieved this by building a custom theme and keeping it as bare-bones as possible. Then we carefully selected a handful of plugins and kept these at a minimum.

3. A Core Language Change

The older website was a mix of Portuguese and English. There were some challenges in WooCommerce and other areas of the site where the English would not translate. Our goal was to ensure the native language of Portuguese is brought into the core of the website.

Project Goals

The Team

This project was a collaboration between myself and the Lytbox development team that provided all development for the project. And Margarida from Into A Reverie, who created the designs.

The Results

From November 2019 to February 2020, sales have increased, and an incredible 180% compared to the previous year. Overall conversion rates shot up immediately over 3% right after the launch. Monthly gross sales were 1,500 – 5,500 euros per month. After the launch, gross sales per month have been averaging over 11,500 euros per month!
And this is just the start. We have set up analytics and heat maps and will be working with Frederica to improve and maximize conversions and sales with ongoing growth.

Color Palette

Title Font Cochin

Body Font Muli

Thank you for your interest in our project.

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