The Best WordPress Theme for WooCommerce and Elementor

I think I have found it! I may have found the best theme for Elementor and WooCommerce websites. Ok, I know, this is a bold statement. But I have been building WooCommerce websites with Elementor for years now, and I have not seen anything close to being this good built specifically for El and Woo sites.

Before we go further, I have to mention that I am not a sponsor, an affiliate, or related in any way to this theme. This is purely my unbiased opinion and experience. My purpose for creating this post is to share something that has worked well for me and has been a valuable asset for my e-commerce projects.

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Rey Theme for WordPress

The theme I am talking about is the Rey Theme, a WordPress theme dedicated to Elementor and WooCommerce. This is a lightweight theme with just enough ingredients for building a high-quality and professional-looking e-commerce website with WooCommerce.

If you prefer watching videos, check out the video I made on Rey Theme.

Rey Theme for Elementor and WooCommerce

Since I started using Elementor a few years ago, I have only used barebone blank themes such as Astra and Hello Theme. Those are my go-to’s for all my projects. With Elementor, I can basically build anything with a blank theme.

But there’s a big gap missing between Elementor and WooCommerce. One of the most requested features for Elementor is to have more control over creating WooCommerce websites. As a result, the only way to customize the WooCommerce part of an Elementor site is to purchase 3rd party plugins. Or break out the text editor and do some custom coding.

Personally, I don’t like adding too many plugins, and I feel the ones out there are limited for WooCommerce. And of course, relying on custom code for a platform built for non-coders limits most Elementor users.

The solution: Rey Theme. This theme bridges this gap.

The Benefits of a Dedicated Elementor and WooCommerce Theme

The Rey Theme does for Elementor and WooCommerce websites what a blank theme can’t. Here’s a list of a few highlights and of what I mean by a dedicated Elementor and WooCommerce theme.

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A Menu Built for E-commerce

The menu build is used with Elementor’s theme builder and Rey’s own menu widgets. This makes building an e-commerce menu not only simple but more customizable. No more being limit to a set number of options. Also, the mobile menu is fantastic! This is a massive plus because most mobile menus built with Elementor plugins are not so well done and feel plain. Rey’s mobile menu make a website feel more professional used on mobile.

Options for WooCommerce

There are a wide variety and flexibility to the customization for WooCommerce in the Theme Customizer. This will take time learning because there are so many options. If you look at the WooCommerce tab in the Customizer, it has an extensive list of options. Usually, I need to add custom code, but everything here is so well thought out that I can achieve what I am trying to do with the need for coding. There’s also something called Global sections, which to me, are like hooks. They can be used in several ways. I use them to add Elementor sections to product pages and customize product pages without losing the main product section’s features. But I know so much more can be done with this function.

Rey Theme Widgets

Rey comes with its own library of specially built widgets. It has several dedicated to just WooCommerce. And it also comes with additional widgets for page building. Because of this, there is no need to add additional plugins for Elementor addons. That is a couple fewer plugins for your website!

Performance and Speed

Right off the bat, I was impressed with the speed and responsiveness when I installed the theme. Typically, this is where I feel the slowdown. But I was amazed at how snappy it was. Also, the developer did something I have not seen any Elementor addons do. Not only can you turn off widgets not being used to prevent the code from loading, but there’s also a scan function that, when selected, scans the site and identifies widgets that are turned on and not being used. This is super helpful and shows that this theme was developed with performance in mind.

Growing Features

I am the type that reads the changelog before updating. And in the last few months, while working on projects with Rey, I have seen some amazing features added in each update. Features like built-in wishlist so no need for TI wishlist plugin and several added options to widgets in each update. Rey’s development is very active, and there is a lot to look forward to in future updates.

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Developer Support

And finally, the developer support. I have to give a huge plus for the support. The developer, Marius, is active and on top of it. He’s also cool, which to me, is a big deal. It’s frustrating when support is not helpful or even polite to talk to. There were a few times I had to reach out for support. Some of the sites I built with Rey were really complex with WPML and customizations, and Marius always responded immediately and quick to react.

All of these reasons right here are why I wanted to share what I feel is the best theme out for Elementor and WooCommerce. This theme has done very well for my projects and my business, and I wanted to share it with you because I know it can help others.

If you are looking for the right theme for your next WooCommerce project, I suggest checking out Rey. It is now my go-to theme for all of my Woo project. Here is a link to Rey Theme.

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For more on the Rey Theme, check out my YouTube video I made on Rey Theme here.